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10 Oregon ZIP Codes With Most Corona Virus Cases

Corona Statistics

Corona virus is spreading more pervasively across a growing number of communities statewide as surging case counts can no longer be largely attributed to concentrations in only a handful of ZIP codes across Oregon.

How to Buy Perfect Keyboards for Gaming?

Gaming Keyboards

The selection of the best and the most suitable gaming keyboard is always a hard choice to make as there are various keyboards available in the market that look identical but have vast differences. However, keeping in mind some factors will help you buy the best keyboard that is suitable for gaming purposes.

What to Do When Skype Isn't Working - 2019

If you can't make Skype work, there are several troubleshooting steps you can follow to see what the problem is and to get things up and to run again. Maybe there's a microphone problem or an issue with your audio settings, and you can't hear the other person, or they can't hear you. Or maybe you can't log in to Skype because you've forgotten your password.

Gap's constant discounts come with a hidden downside that's infuriating loyal customers - 2019

Discount signs have become a mainstay at GAP in recent years, and it's become increasingly unusual to buy clothing at full price at the store. Each day, it seems, there's a new deal to lure shoppers in. Only last week, it was offering 70% off certain products.

The Top 5 Ways To Chat With Friends in Virtual Worlds - 2019

I remember when I first saw Disclosure, the steamy suspense drama featuring Michael Douglas as a corporate executive who designs and uses a 3D computer interface system. Each person that logged in had an ‘avatar,’ and they could communicate within the virtual world, and of course, while Michael’s avatar is searching for files online, another user approaches and threatens him within the world.

10 Best free Racing apps Available in Google Play Store.

Racing games are among the most popular in all of mobile gaming. It was the first genre to overcome the lack of physical buttons on smartphones well enough that it made the games worth playing.