Articles about cryptocurrencies

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Articles about cryptocurrencies

You can find the learning articles on the different topics about cryptocurrencies below. They consist of important information for those who still doesn't know what the cryptocurencies are and how to invest in them.

🔗 What is Blockchain Technology? Here you will find out what the Blockchain Technology is and how it works, what are the benefits and downsides of this technology.

🔗 What is Bitcoin? In this article you will get acquainted with the first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. And also we will explain the differences between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies.

🔗 What is Altcoin? There are a lot of alternative coins, not only Bitcoin. So in this article we will discuss how altcoins are creting, which of them are the most popular and what the ICO is.

🔗 Mining. Mining is one of the most popular words according to the cryptocurrencies topic, but not everyone knows what it is and what they should do to make money.

🔗 How to buy Bitcoin? We can get Bitcoin by two ways: mining and acquiring. The first way we've already discussed, so now we'll concentrate on the second one.

🔗 Technical analysis. Technical analysis is one of the most essential parts of trading, so we couldn't avoid this topic.

🔗 Pumps & Dumps. Traders occur pumps and dumps almost every day, so it's essential to get acquainted with these terms.

🔗 Hard Fork vs Soft Fork. What is Fork? What types of Forks exist and what the difference between them?

🔗 Glossary. In this glossary we've combined all the terms which occur most frequently.

July 17, 2018
by @bitcoins_russia