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How will Brexit Imapct Contractors and VAT?

44% of the contractors and freelancers in the UK do not think that Brexit will affect them. This data was gathered through a poll of 1,350 UK freelancers and contractors. It also showed that 18% of freelancers and contractors feel that Brexit will positively influence their business while 38% believe that Brexit will affect their business negatively. It is still advisable to have a conversation with your contractor accountants to understand if your specific situation might be impacted by the changes Brexit will bring.

Booming Business Trends

Starting a new business can be tough, starting something that has no demand such as a movie rental business in times of Netflix can be a complete disaster. Selecting your business model and the industry you will be focusing on can be the key difference between the success and failure of your venture. We have summarised below the growing business trends in 2020 as a starting point for your research.

Block Management Service Charges Explained

One of the things that leaseholders and landlords rarely come to terms with are service charges. The following article will explain the main provisions that have been set by the law.

B2B Marketing Expo 2019 - All Businesses Must Attend

If you are an enthusiastic marketer or a business owner, you should consider attending London’s biggest B2B marketing expo organized by PRYSM group. It is a two days expo starting from 27 to 28 March 2019.

Are You Prepared? -Statutory Wage Rule Increases April 2019

Make sure your business is prepared for the National Minimum and Living Wage Increase on 1st of April 2019. From the 1st of April 2019, the national living wage which is the statutory minimum required to be paid to workers aged 25 or over will be increasing by 4.9% to £8.21 per hour.

Business 101

Business 101 is a guide for current and prospective business owners to understand various types of businesses and how to run them efficiently. Read more!

6 Tips for Business Owners to Manage Stress & Stay Happy

The human body feels stressed when it is preparing itself for a challenge, it’s basically a warm-up to handle a difficult situation.

Chancellor Spring Statement 2019 Summary

Update on Chancellors Spring Statement 2019

IFE 2019 Event London - Food or Drinks Businesses Must Attend

Are you from the Food or Catering industry? If the answer is yes you should be thinking about visiting the 21stInternational Food and Drinks event which will be running over 4 days from 17th March 2019 to 20th March 2019.

How to avoid paying NI - Tax year 19-20

Fiscal Year 19/20 – Avoid paying National Insurance