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1.My English has changed. How? 2. My motivation towards learning English has changed. How? 3. My motivation towards studying has changed. How?

1) Well, my english has changed,thanks to hard work and IELTS preparation. Вecause of the lessons for such a tough exam, I felt that my English language skills were getting better and better. That's how Mozart changed.

Soch "Write about a SMART-goal you want to achieve."

Today I would like to talk about my goal and why I want to achieve it. Many children have different and overly imaginative goals. Every year I have to change the opinion and purpose. And today I have decided I have only 4 goals.


Today I want to say about one movie. Movie is -"Divergent",author is -Veronica Rot. And genre film is - science fiction and detective.

Letter for my friend

Hi Kairat!

Reflection In this lesson

1)Today we have good lesson. In this lesson we did wok in pairs. Our topic was teach your child english in 1 month.

2)There is only one leader in a group Write an essay about it

Now in the 21st century, there is a lot of competition. Many fight for 1 place because they want to be the best of the best. And today I would like to talk to you about the leader. In my opinion, a leader is one who can influence the behavior of other people, take responsibility, consistently go to achieve specific goals and lead the team.


Last lesson was interesting , but was little boring. I learnt how сhange simple words for academic words. I hope in another lesson be more cool and informative.


Last lesson was very cognitive I started understanding IELTS, and Rizabek teacher good at explaining

Reflections about English lesson

today's lesson I really liked it was very fun interesting and learned the basics of Writing. Working online was not normal. Agai has a very interesting method of teaching


Today I would like to discuss about technology. Technology this is the basis of our modern industrial life. It is impossible to imagine the modern world without technology. However, like all inventions, we can use them for good or bad purposes. Today we have a lot of smartphone, smartclock, which took us over.A lot of people thinking technology is used in medecine.