April 24, 2021

Shirley McLain's birthday

On April 24, 1934, in Richmond, Virginia, USA, a daughter was born into the family of psychology professor Ira Owens Beaty and his wife Kathleen Corinne, nee MacLean, a teacher. The girl was named after the movie star Shirley Temple, popular at that time in the States. The girl's full name sounded like Shirley McLean Beaty.

The Apartment. 1960. Director Billy Wilder. Movie's Rating - 9,142; 132nd Rank in the Golden Thousand.

Shirley's future fate was determined...by her weak ankles. This physical feature of the girl appeared literally as soon as the girl learned to walk. And then her mother, to strengthen the legs of her daughter, enrolled three-year-old Shirley in ballet school. The girl did not turn out to be a professional ballerina: in addition to weak ankles, Shirley's high height also affected her. But in dancing, as well as in cheerleading, Shirley has achieved great success.

The Trouble with Harry. 1955. Director Alfred Hitchcock.

As a dancer, Shirley, while in high school, participated in the dance numbers of some popular musicals on Broadway. And, as sometimes happens, when an actress who performed a solo number in one of the performances injured her leg, twenty-year-old Shirley had to replace her. The dancing performed by Shirley caught the eye of the famous film producer Hal Wallace (winner of the Academy Award for the film "Casablanca"), who offered Shirley to sign a contract with the Paramount Pictures film company.

The Children's Hour. 1961. Director William Wyler. Movie's Rating - 7,917; 822nd Rank in the Golden Thousand.

And the very next year, the American moviegoer saw Shirley McLain (such a stage name was taken by Shirley Maclean Beaty) in Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Trouble with Harry", which became the first film in the actress's filmography. This first role of the Actress immediately earned her the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer - Female.

Irma la Douce. 1963. Director Billy Wilder.

After 5 years, Shirley MacLaine for her role in Billy Wilder's film "The Apartment" (1960) already received Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Comedy or Musical, as well as the British BAFTA Award and the Venice Film Festival Award. After this film, the recognition of Shirley MacLaine's acting skills in the cinematic environment became so significant that it allowed her to oust Marilyn Monroe during auditions for roles in the films "Irma la Douce" and "What a Way to Go!".

Being There. 1979. Director Hal Ashby. Movie's Rating - 8,263; 435th Rank in the Golden Thousand.

For her 87th birthday, Shirley MacLaine has roles in 57 full-length feature films in her filmography. 3 films from these 57 were included in the Golden Thousand. Thanks to this indicator and her beauty, Shirley MacLaine is included in the list of the 100 most beautiful and sexiest Actresses in world cinema, compiled by FilmGourmand.

Terms of Endearment. 1983. Director James L. Brooks.

Like Jacqueline Bisset or Jessica Lange, Shirley McLain could not resist the charm of a Russian man, or, as she herself wrote in her book of memoirs "Dancing in the Light" (1986), "the mysterious Russian soul." In the early 80s, Shirley McLain was in a romantic relationship with the famous Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky. Exactly in this period Shirley MacLaine played the role in the film "Terms of Endearment", which brought her the largest number of film awards: the American Academy Awards, the Golden Globe, the Italian David di Donatello Award etc.

The Apartment. 1960. Director Billy Wilder. Movie's Rating - 9,142; 132nd Rank in the Golden Thousand.

On the birthday of a wonderful Actress, as usual, we want to remind her fans of the best films with the participation of Shirley MacLaine.