Gaming News: North America to Win Worlds?


With the 2019 League of Legends World Championship coming up, everybody is getting hyped to witness more chaotic and destruction, powerful plays from the players, rivalries emerge from the rift; and new talents gearing up for another epic battle. The Riot Team engages in another This or That episode to be showcased by CaptainFlowers together with Jatt to give off spicy information towards a battle that I think will be one of the greatest feats to happen, North America winning the worlds.


Jatt preferred choosing Team Cloud9 with a greater chance of moving further with the team making the group stage every single year. He is expecting them to do great in the World scene, he then gave Team Liquid a 50-50 chance of winning with Damwon Gaming, the team highly going to their group. And as for the underdogs, Clutch Gaming, they’re expecting the team to lose and not to move forward.


North American teams have been a bit off the World’s championship cup for a very long time. But with the shift of the meta and the transferring of different players from different regions. Everything is a better playing field this year so expect new names that will emerge victorious this year.


Cloud9 also proved to the world that the North American region now has a fighting chance to make a dent in their losing streak towards standing at the top. The teams who have started everything since the past seasons aren’t giving up and showing the will to face any opponent in the stage. The Worlds is coming to an end and for this year, sadly, no North American teams had stood their ground in the semifinals and now the Worlds Cup is down to the EU versus Korea