Exploding Games with Hi-Rez Studios


Hi-Rez Studios—an independent video game developer in Georgia, United States has been in the gaming world since 2005 and they have made various games for both PC and console.


The first game they have produced was Global Agenda and it was an online-based shooter developed using Unreal Engine 3. It was about guns and colonization, those futuristic drones and planets in the future.


They didn’t stop expanding their love for games and also created Tribes: Ascend—still, an online-based shooter that was free-to-play and the aspects were fighting with jetpacks and skiing. The style they implemented towards this game had rankings and classes which was a great addition to showing players performance.


The way they design their games were always at a first-person view and it was always amazing to look at as their niche. That didn’t stop them from entering the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena craze.


As DotA 2 was starting its era, the MOBA was now a trend that every game developer was looking at. The growth of similar games like the best game League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth gave them the push to make more.


They made Smite also a first-person game but with the gameplay of MOBA. It has its unique way because of its background of “gods” in place. The map is so vast that every positioning was important and that made the game great.


Hi-Rez wasn’t finished though, last year they produced another called Paladins which was a team-based shooter strategy game that had various game modes which were a fantastic way to play with teammates who want different gaming experiences.


The world of this game developers isn’t stopping and this November 15th to 17th they are going to celebrate epic moments with those awesome games on an Expo in Georgia World Congress Center. Expect colossal plays that will wow your mind!