gloss tester is used to measure the surface glossiness of the objects
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Car paint thickness measurement

According to different body parts, the standard value range of the paint film meter is also different. Generally speaking, the value of the paint film meter is normal at 120-180 microns. About paint thickness meter : The paint film meter is a tool for measuring the thickness of car paint. The value of the value can reflect whether the car paint has been redone, which is generally common in the used car industry. How to use paint film meter: 1. Long press the power button when the paint film meter is off to start the paint film meter. 2. Clear the value of the paint film meter to zero. 3. Aim the paint film meter at the surface of the tested car paint, pay attention not to be too close or too far away, generally 5cm is appropriate...

UV power puck test LED lamp and high pressure mercury lamp

Ultraviolet curing technology is widely used in modern times, and the energy detection of ultraviolet light sources has become important. One of the indispensable things is the UV energy meter. The purpose of the UV energy meter is to detect whether the power and energy of the UV light source meets the curing standard, to detect whether the UV light source is attenuated or needs to be replaced. UV power puck can be used to test the light source used in the exposure machine. UV energy meter The process of curing a material that can be cured by ultraviolet radiation is called the UV Curing Process. The biggest difference between UV curing and traditional drying process is that traditional drying generally relies on the...

UV light intensity meter of UVA and UVC

UV light intensity meter is a professional instrument used to detect the intensity of ultraviolet rays, mainly in the UVA and UVC bands, and of course electric welding arc and physiotherapy lamps to UVB band. Ultraviolet intensity detectors are mainly used in industrial and experimental aspects. The industrial aspect is mainly used to monitor violet radiation during welding, sunlight radiation monitoring and UV sterilization, graphic art, UV EPROM erasing, lithography exposure, ultraviolet intensity and energy detection , In the experimental aspect, the instrument is mainly used in aging test, virus research, microbial genetic research, DNA research and UV light source intensity detection for general experiments. For the intensity...

Car window tint checker test thermal insulation films

Car foils are mainly divided into front bumper films and side back bumper films. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness and needs of car front bumpers and side back bumpers are also different. Today, I will analyze the difference between the front and rear side of the car.

UV energy meter principle

The Linshang UV energy meter uses an intelligent single-chip acquisition scheme. The measurement principle is to first convert the weak current signal of the ultraviolet detector into a digital signal through an ADC analog-to-digital conversion chip. Then, the single-chip computer collects the digital signal and adjusts it through software. To UV power, UV energy is obtained by integrating UV power with time. In this process, one needs analog-to-digital conversion to get the UV power, and the other needs integration to get the energy value. If high accuracy is required, the acquisition time must be fast enough, generally at least 1000 times per second, so that the integrated energy value is more accurate.

Paint thickness gauge for the used car industry

Are you looking to purchase a used car? If so, you should look at getting yourself a coating gauge thickness tool. As the name suggests, a coating or paint thickness gauge measures the thickness of a coating on the surface of a car.

Coating thickness gauge for used car

In the past, when testing vehicles, without the help of coating thickness gauges, it was undoubtedly a major problem to detect the thickness of the body paint. It also played a great role in identifying whether it was a used car, and formed a protection and decoration on the body surface. The coatings, such as coatings, coatings, claddings, coatings, and chemically generated films, are called claddings in relevant national and international standards. The measurement of cladding thickness has become an important part of vehicle quality inspection, and it is also an excellent product. The necessary means of quality standards.

Paint thickness meter used in surface treatment industry

Adhesion is a very important concept for the coating and the substrate. Adhesion can make the coating and the substrate firmly bonded together by physical or chemical action, and it is not easy to fall off. So that the coating and the substrate are well combined, so that the role of the coating can be better played. For example, the better the adhesion between the fireproof coating and the anticorrosive coating, the better the performance of the fireproof coating and the anticorrosive coating. Therefore, in order to effectively improve the adhesion of the coating, we generally need to degrease, derust, etc. the coating. After processing the coating on the brush, a coating thickness gauge is usually used to measure the thickness of the coating.

Light transmittance tester test aluminum plating film

Vacuum aluminum plating film is a green material that is widely used in the packaging industry. Due to the vacuum aluminum plating method, only one surface is covered on the cardboard surface.

High precision paint thickness gauge

People love to shop around for goods, so-called "shopping for goods, picking good ones." Only after continuous comparison can we compare the advantages and disadvantages, so as to select sincere products. For many people who need to buy second-hand cars, the comparison between different vehicles is particularly important. Judging the point of car paint is not enough by eyesight, so we need to borrow a high-precision paint thickness gauge for comparison.