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What Are The Embedded Systems in Automobiles?

The global embedded systems market is expected to grow decent CAGR. Embedded systems are application-specific systems that are designed to meet the requirements of the target system in which they are embedded. Growing demand for devices such as smart electricity meters is expected to drive the global embedded system in automobile market over the forecast period. This is mainly because these devices incorporate embedded systems in order to ensure accurate and desired functionality.

Which Irrigation System is Right for You? (Mechanized Irrigation System or Drip Irrigation System)

Mechanized irrigation systems such as drip and sprinklers minimizes water consumption of crops and rises the yield. Local governments across the globe are boosting farmers to implement these products, which favors the mechanized irrigation systems market growth and stimulates various market participants to develop efficient and low-cost micro irrigation products. The growing area of cultivation is amongst the significant factors driving the growth of global mechanized irrigation systems market.

What is Precision Aquaculture, and Why Do We Need It?

Aquaculture is offered as a sustainable alternative to the ingesting of wild fish, for example, optimizing outputs, reducing inputs (such as feed), and reducing pollution. In aquaculture, various technologies are being used to reduce those environmental hazards, giving rise to the precision aquaculture being this a management concept based on measuring, observing, and responding space/temporal variability of productions. The scope of the precision aquaculture is to put on control-engineering principles to the production, to direct farmers to better control, monitoring, and documentation of biological processes in fish farms.

Top 10 Trends for the Irrigation Automation

The irrigation automation system refers to the operation of the system with no or minimum of manual intervention. Every system such as drip, sprinkler, and surface irrigation can be automated with the help of a controller, timers, sensors, and other appliances. Increased mechanization and growing adoption smart technologies for agricultural activities coupled with the government initiatives to promote water conservation are the major factors driving the growth of the irrigation automation market.

Agricultural Robots: The Future of Agriculture Changed by Technology

Agricultural Robots are robots used for agriculture purposes. Presently, their major area of application is at harvesting stage. These robots are capable of performing repetitive tasks efficiently and thus, decreasing the need for agricultural labor.

Agriculture Drone: Revolutionizing the Future of Agriculture

Agricultural drones are kind of drones with added technologies such as GPS, digital image recorder and sensors. These drones assist farmers to improve field production, and monitor and manage crop growth. Farmers are employing this advanced technology to efficiently use their land, fertilizers, and water and gain better productivity. Moreover, these products help farmers in capturing images of their fields, and giving soil and crop data for helping crop management. Adding equipment such as sensors, GPS and Geographic Information System (GIS) has helped UAVs for better positioning and traveling.

Warehouse Robotics :The Future of Warehouse Technology

Warehouse robotics represents a very critical aspect in the emergence of industrial revolution 4.0. The present state of technology has introduced tremendous boom in autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots that function effortlessly having along the human workforce in order to levitate flexibility and efficiency. Traditionally, the robots in the industry were developed specifically with the perspective of manufacturing, however, now their scope has widen to several industrial aspects including, supply chain, logistics, and warehousing. As the distribution industry continues to grow in terms of technology advancements, the robotics industry gains the opportunity to enter the warehouse robotics market with exceptionally...

Top 10 Companies In Smart HVAC(Heating, Ventilation or Air conditioning) Controls

Smart HVAC systems enable demand control, through enhancing the response of systems to the heating, cooling and ventilation requirements. Smart systems can also embed, in addition to learning algorithms, sensors in order to better fit with user's behavior or building's usage. Another strength of smart systems is their capability to communicate information about their energy consumption, operation, and energy efficiency. This information can be utilized by consumers, building managers, owners, maintenance staff and energy grid managers.

Embedded Controllers Provide Energy Harvesting Solution

The embedded controllers are mostly used in across commercial and industrial electronic equipment. The operating systems established for embedded systems are expected to be smaller. These controllers are used as a core part across industrial control system or a process control application, which is creating lucrative opportunities for the Embedded Controller market in the forecast period.

What is Building Automation System and How Can It Help in a Business?

The "global building automation system market analysis to 2027" is a specialized and in-depth study of the electronics and semiconductors industry with a special focus on the global building automation system market trend analysis. The report aims to provide an overview of the building automation system market with detailed market segmentation by offering, by application and by communication and technology. The global Building automation system market is expected to witness high growth during the forecast period. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the leading building automation system market players and offers key trends and opportunities in the building automation system market.