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June 11, 2020 is a coin explorer for the Minter ecosystem, an analog of CoinMarketCap, which provides advanced statistics on coins, as well as ratings and charts.

At the moment, all information is concentrated on two pages.

Home page
Consider the top of the page:

Total custom coins

- The number of coins in the Minter network. On coin writing article - 1391 coin;
- Total reserve - the amount of reserves of all custom coins in terms of BIP (now - 672,371,032 BIP).

Daily trading volume

- The total volume of exchange transactions for the last 24 hours (20 002 165 BIP);
- Total trades - the number of transactions completed in the last 24 hours in the direction of BIP - custom coin and vice versa (6 875).

Bip dominance

- BIP dominance at the moment relative to custom coins, given the current issue.

Bip price

- Current BIP price in $ (US dollar);
- Market Cap - Current BIP capitalization in $. You can calculate by the formula: number of coins * price of 1 coin.


Coin Types: All coins Validators coins. At the moment, it is possible to separate validator coins from other coins of the Minter ecosystem.

Various coin options. The developers implemented the basic sorting parameters according to the principle of the coinmarketcap resource, that is, the ability to select custom coins with only the theme, the main parameters that the user is looking for:

- # (Location) - coin rating by the current reserve in BIP. Independent of other filters;
- Coin - a ticker of a coin and its icon. The plans of developers - the ability to upload icons and manage some data about the coin;
- CRR - varies from 10% to 100%;
- Price - the current price of 1 coin in BIP;
- 24h Change - percentage change in price over the past 24 hours;
- 24h Volume - volume of transactions for the last 24 hours in BIP;
- Reserve - coin reserve in BIP at the moment;
- Supply - the current number of coins;
- Delegated - percentage of coins secreted relative to the total current issue;
- Created - creator address, date and time of coin creation (link to Minterscan explorer);
- Trend (7d) - mini-graph of the change in the price of a coin for 7 days.

At the bottom of the page, the user can see the current version of the site, the current Minter network block, the time of the last update and use the page navigation:

Coin Page
For example, I use the MSCAN coin:

Transaction data

At the moment, users can view the transactions of a particular coin that affect the price, namely: buying, selling and using a coin to pay off a commission.

- Block - a block in which a certain transaction was committed;
- Date - date and time of the transaction;
- Side - type of operation: Sell - sale of a coin, Buy - purchase of a coin, Fee - use of a coin to pay a commission in any transactions;
- Type - type of transaction;
- Price - the price of the coin at the time of the transaction;
- Amount - the number of coins that take part in the transaction;
- Volume - the number of coins on which or which was converted to the current coin;
- Volume (BIP) - transaction volume in BIP equivalent;
- Address - Mx-address that committed the transaction;
- Hash - transaction link.

Key Coin Indicators

- Coin - ticker and coin icon;
- Last price - the current price of the coin in BIP;
- Safe price - a function that predicts the price at a one-time sale of the entire stack of coins that are not delegated - "Safe price";
- Price in delegation - the price of the coin in delegation and a percentage of the current price;
- 24h Volume - trading volume for the last 24 hours;
- 24h Delegate - the number of delegated coins in the last 24 hours.


- Normal chart on TradingView. It is possible to choose a convenient time format for yourself - from 1 minute to 1 month.

Coin options

Mutable data - mutable data:

Supply - current issue;
Reserve - current reserve;
Delegated - the current number of delegated coins, plus a percentage of the current issue;

Immutable data. The unchanged data that was specified when creating the coin:

Name - the name of the coin;
Created - creation date and block;
Creator - the address from which the coin was created;
CRR - varies from 10% to 100%;
Initial Supply - the initial number of coins issued;
Initial Reserve - initial reserve in BIP;
Initial price - starting price;
Price for creator - coin value for the creator;


  • Chainik does not use a full node, but recounts the parameters of all coins (each transaction), that is, a complete reconstruction of the entire blockchain occurs;
  • The idea is to unite all blockchains that support atomic swaps or free conversion. The service will display coins that can be exchanged for each other without exchanges and third parties;
  • There is no and will not be listing on Chainik.

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