BIP + is a project developed by the BTC.Secure validator team and received an award within the MinterPush hackathon.

Project idea

BIP + is a fully functional MinterPush service, that is, a wallet accessible from a browser, accessed by a link. Directly from the wallet page you can transfer the received money, exchange it for other custom coins of the Minter network or pay for various services.


The declared functions of creating a wallet, replenishment, exchange, transfer and payment of services are implemented. Some functions (the interface is in English, service providers are displayed in Russian, etc.) have not been finalized yet; there is a feeling that the project is in the open beta testing phase, although this is not stated directly in the About section.

It should be borne in mind that you need to use the service very carefully, some functions are not obvious: the created links to wallets are disposable, they cannot be opened for verification. Once you open a link and do not use the money from your wallet, you may lose access to it in the future by closing the page.


The following replenishment options are possible:

  • From the Minter wallet - see the replenishment address on the "Minter" tab
  • From Yandex.Money wallet and through credit cards.

The replenishment rate through Yandex at the time of this writing was 1.55 rubles / BIP.

It is credited a little less than ordered (in the example: 9.85 instead of 10 BIP).

Admission rate for subsequent spending - 1.25 rubles / BIP.

Main functions

You can manage received money in the following main ways:

  • Change to other coins of the Minter network;
  • send to another wallet;
  • create a “push” (wallet with or without a password) as a link to BIP +;
  • pay bills through QIWI;
  • send money with conversion to a bank account;
  • pay for third-party services.

Create a push

You can create a “push” and send it to someone as a link through the “Send” item.

Select the One recepient option, specify the amount and, if desired, a password. The commission in the amount of 0.03 BIP will be deducted from your account not at the time of transfer, but after the recipient opens the link. If there is not enough money in the account, the recipient will not receive anything.

By clicking on the "Send" button, you will see a QR code and a link to access the newly created "push". Send them to the recipient.

Payment via QIWI

Allows you to pay for goods and services using a QIWI (VISA) card or pay directly from the QIWI wallet according to the catalog.


Mobile Payment

Supported mobile operators in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Beeline in Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, as well as some other telecom operators.

Payment for Internet Service Providers

Represented by Russian Internet providers Rostelecom, Beeline, MTS, MTGS and others.

Cable and satellite TV

Payment for NTV-Plus, Tricolor, OnLime, and others.

Financial services

Repayment of loans to banks and MFIs, represented by Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank, etc.


Replenishment of the cards “Troika”, “Strelka”, payment for taxi services and some airlines.


Payment of orders, and others.


Top-up on gaming platforms Steam,, Wargaming, Origin and others.

Gift cards

Maps networks Sportmaster, Crossroads, Children's World and others.

Other services

You can also pay for services and digital goods in,, Okko, insurance in Renaissance Life and dozens of other services.

Service Features

Yandex wallet replenishment payments are sent to an individual, then they are converted at the service rate and outgoing payments to recipients also go from an individual.

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