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The most interesting healthcare apps and programms you need to check

1) DNA TESTS Yes, you can find DNA test services out there, that will help you to learn more about yourself. -

Top Cool Tools for a Remote Work Productivity

Step #1 Virtual office.

COVID-19: A mobility start-up in Assam develops a mobile app "STAY HOME"

Financial institution, North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd (NEDFi) has extended venture funding to this group.

Google and Apple will deploy COVID-19 contact-tracing as lockdowns begin lifting

With the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to decline in many countries, or at least plateau, the conversation is now shifting towards how lockdowns can be safely lifted to avoid a “second wave” of the killer virus.

Security, Privacy Issues Found in Government COVID-19 Mobile Apps

Governments worldwide have released COVID-19 mobile apps to provide citizens with useful information and, in some cases, to track individuals in an effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Top 7 Myths Associated with Mobile App Development in 2020

1. Mobile Apps are only for Tech-savvy people It is a common myth while building business mobility apps. It’s a misconception that mobile apps are only for technical people; it can be used by any generation ranging from five years old to 80 years old. Enterprises hire mobile app developers to build the right solution using the latest tools and technologies to achieve your business goals.

GPS tracking COVID-19 Coronavirus using Chirp app

They have enabled a feature in their location sharing app that asks users some simple questions when they launch the app, “Are you infected with COVID-19, are you recovering from COVID-19, are you feeling sick or feeling well?”

Coronavirus Detected By Voice? Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop App To ‘Listen’ For Signs Of COVID-19

The team of CMU researchers in Pittsburgh say the app is just in its beginning stages, and has not been approved by the FDA or CDC.

How AI-based Mobile Apps Can Stop Coronavirus Outbreak?

What Are Coronavirus Tracking Apps?

Coronavirus: How app developers large and small are working to help fight Covid-19

To better understand the pandemic, some UK researchers have already developed the Covid Symptom Tracker app to help see how the virus is spreading and who is most at risk.