Reviewish: Brightburn

A.K.A. What if young Superman were a right a-hole. (No real spoilers, but I warn you before I get into even the really tiny ones.)

There are few fans of any genre that are likely to walk away from Brightburn feeling entirely satisfied. Billed as a horror movie, the movie's trailers seem to ask the question "What would happen if Superman (or rather young, 12-year-old Clark Kent) were evil...

June 1, 2019
by Chris Brecheen
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Dear Fellow Dudes: shut up about how this is no biggie.

Image Creator:Brian Snyder Credit:REUTERS

To all my fellow dudes who are just calm as a cucumber that the recent rash of laws is never going to get past SCOTUS, let me put this as diplomatically as possible:

You need to shut the fuck up with that bullshit.

For starters, by and large, you've been wrong since about 2015. You've been wrong about the degree of bigotry fueling the right. Like really wrong. You've been wrong about the white nationalists not really being a thing. You've been wrong about the wall being...

May 18, 2019
by Chris Brecheen

I Want The Truth!

"Our Black president isn't a U.S. citizen."

"I just want the truth!"

"He's a Muslim from Kenya."

"I just want to know the TRUTH!"

"Obama wanted people to die in Benghazi! Clinton basically murdered people.”

"I have questions I want answered!"

"It was actually Obama's fault there was a shutdown. He secretly wanted it."

May 9, 2019
by Chris Brecheen

Nurturing Your Persecution Complex 101

How to pretend your free speech is being infringed upon when it is not:

Step 1. Say some outright bigotry bullshit under the cover of your constitutionally protected right to do so. It doesn't even matter if you use a bunch of supremacy symbols that people are "wink wink/nudge nudge" about. Be sure to be privileged and say it about groups that are already marginalized. (Otherwise...

May 5, 2019
by Chris Brecheen

Freeze Peach

"These SJWs are infringing on my free speech. I should be able to say whatever I want!"

Look around, Chippy. Nazis on the march burning literal swastikas. Every social media crawling with naked bigots. Open white supremacists running for office as Republicans....and sometimes winning. Men's Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way who think the 1950's were a little too progressive...

April 22, 2019
by Chris Brecheen
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