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Кремль, как всегда

Не успел законно избранный в 2019 году президент Ашраф Гани покинуть Кабул, а талибы — занять столицу и президентский дворец, как представитель президента России в Афганистане, директор Второго департамента Азии МИД Замир Кабулов официально заявил в эфире одного из госканалов, что, мол, Гани никогда ему нравился: «Избрался сомнительно, правил плохо и закончил позорно». Правда, признать избрание Гани и два года с ним сотрудничать это МИД РФ не мешало.

Leftists ask Biden to start a dialogue with Putin

Twenty-seven organizations, including a number of left-leaning groups, issued a statement on Tuesday urging President Biden to halt the use of “reckless” rhetoric with Russian President Vladimir Putin and instead conduct “constructive bilateral talks.”

One of the last interlocutors of Maxim "Tesak": "for governments we are not people, but pawns"

March 16 marks six months since an important and symbolic event for the Russian ultra-right environment - the mysterious death of Maxim "Tesak" Martsinkevich, a neo-Nazi blogger, "pedophile hunter" and showman, one of the most famous Russian ultra-rightists of the last 2 decades. We wrote about this in our introductory material on the Kremlin's repressions against the Russian right-wing. This event was covered in sufficient detail by many resources, including the liberal Meduza and BAZA, popular in the Russian opposition. The latter even published an "investigation" about Tesak, his life and media path and (allegedly?) murders he committed in his youth - which, however, raises many questions - both from the point of view of verification...

Russia's share in the global economy in 2020

1,74% Russia's share in the global economy in 2020. In 2019 — 1,93%.

Lukashenka's (and Putin's) Hybrid War Against Lithuania (and Europe): An Interview by G. Landsbergis

In recent months, and especially weeks, Lithuania has become the target of a massive migration attack - this Baltic country lying on the eastern border of the European Union has faced an unprecedented influx of illegal migrants from West Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan: their number is dozens of times higher than last year.