AMP VS PWA: Which are Better Accelerate Mobile Page and Progressive Web Applications?

Everybody knows that mobile usage and user are growing rapidly and changing the face of digital submitting. Google won’t let us forget it. This has led to the development of several new technologies that are designed to deliver visitors, richer mobile experiences. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWA (progressive web applications) are the two best scripting language that helps your website to load their content much faster.

Google launched the mobile-friendliness update and through then, this update has been made one of the factors to rank the particular websites on the mobile search engines. Now, the website owners started looking from the various available methods to provide the mobile experience quick and faster. For mobile users, optimizing the web pages can be a great choice. However, in case the web pages are certainly not loading quickly on the browser then? This will be one of the main hiccups that can avoid mobile users to browse through your content and you might lose a few valuable visitors.

Difference between AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWA (progressive web applications)

I’ll break down this into small phases, that shown below:

·        Differences between AMP and PWAs

·        What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

·        Benefits of AMP

·        How Google AMP Works?

·        What is PWA?

·        Benefits of PWA

·        How Google PWAs Works?

·        Which is better for your website: AMP or PWAs?

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

A quick refresher, Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is a form of HTML script developed on the open source platform which helps websites to load their content much faster on mobiles. This thing was done by restricting all irrelevant JavaScript (JS) and other unnecessary scripts from hogging data speed. AMP is currently used by the news website, blogging website and other informational websites to showcase their news and a piece of information. Now ecommerce websites are also developed in AMP to showcase their products in mobile SERPs (Search engine optimization professionals). Now all the website designing company, built websites in AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages).

AMP has lots of benefits like faster loading speed, lower bounce rate, and better UX. It’seasy to install as well. All you need to do is to add a line of code or “Canonical Tag” into all pages.

·        AMP will Ban inline JS (JavaScript).

·        CSS can only be 50K.

·        It caches the website content for quick access.

·        The AMP web components provide it's on JavaScript as part of AMP library.

Benefits of AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

Some benefits of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that are shown below.

•       Website loading speed increases

As per the Google research, if the website pages take more than 3 seconds for loading, then 40% of the user will move/ leave that website. There are several rules which include the use of just inline CSS or asynchronous JavaScript which helps to reduce the loading speed of the website. A lesser page loading time can bring a big change in traffic and engagement of the consumer.

•       Increase in Ad view

In AMP, the particular code of HTML is in such a way that it increases the overall ability of images and banners. This means high ads view ability rate, which helps to monetize their website.

•       Enhanced SEO (Search engine optimization)

It enhances mobile SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword rankings in mobile devices. Page loading time plays an important role in seo. An average mobile user can't wait for more than 5-6 seconds for loading a page. Therefore, faster website page loading speed, will higher your rank in Google search engine.

•       Bounce rate is low and more engagement on a website

Loading time is a major factor in Google ranking and it will also help to reduce your bounce rate. A lower bounce rate also helps search engine to validate your pages what you offer and what you say that customer finds helpful.

How Google AMP Works?

The particular AMP works the same as any other CODE works but it is limited to few specialized functionalities. It is an open source initiative wherein the particular pages will load in the browsers. The different architectural and specialized processes are worked on in combination which concentrates on the speed. The main goal is not really on how the content material looks rather how speedily it loads up.

What is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Applications and it's a new web or software development methodology. Unlike a traditional website, PWA (progressive web app) is a hybrid of regular web pages and mobile application development.

It usually uses the concept associated with the modern capabilities of the web and mobile application in order to deliver the best experience to the customers. We can say that this is the latest technology or framework, instead of a practice set wherein a web application is usually made to work the particular same as desktop and mobile application. The aim will be to make sure that the result is so seamless the user cannot make out there the difference between the progressive web app and a normal mobile app. The working is progressive based since the name suggests.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

·        Less use associated with data

PWA uses simply a fraction of information as compared to additional mobile apps. Thus purchasing data becomes less expensive. Also, there is simply no extra storage required upon the device. Hence, simply no extra space is required.

·        No updates

Other applications keep on updating immediately thus increasing data intake and space. With PWA, there are no frequent updates required; it is usually only when the website is usually getting updated. The improvements are very quick.

·        Low cost

The development costs for PWA are much lesser than the other native apps. There are many functions to generate more businesses at very fewer prices.

·        Best for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The app searchability plus accessibility is also increased plan PWA. Faster period of loading website makes it higher in rates.

·        Responsive

We can say that PWAs is responsive and compatible with any device like desktop, tablet, mobile including the ones yet to come.

Which is better for your website: AMP or PWA?

For a website owner, this question strike in everyone minds that which one is best for the website whether it’s AMP or PWA. But we can say that PWA and AMP are important and they work simultaneously.

If we focus on the informatical website or content-based website, then AMP is the best and most suitable option. This website does not contains heavy media based content and not requires the custom JavaScript or inline CSS.

Nowadays both Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps(PWA) are used for website development and mobile application development and most commonly used by the Website Designing Company.

If you need an ecommerce website or contain heavy animated content, so they have to take PWA into consideration. It gives the website the appearance and feel of a mobile app. Thus, users obtain an experience which will be mobile friendly without also installing the app. The particular websites which are extremely dynamic and focus less on faster content launching have to go along with PWA. Both AMP and PWA work efficiently together.

March 13, 2019

Tips and Tricks to Double Your Social Media Following

Nowadays Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter is some of the most trending platforms on the web. In fact, only Facebook carries2.5 billion monthly active users and Instagram carries 1billon monthly active users. We have lots of active followers and customers for your business and boost sales. But you didn't reach them if you don't know the tips and tricks to promote your business on social media Platform.

Many enterprises and company are publishing Killer content to increase sales and boost social media following. If you are really serious about content then you also serious about diverting traffic from the social media platform and double your social media following with social media marketing.

One of the best ways to divert traffic to your website is to share your content on social media more than once in a day. let's take an example, after posting a blog post, we definitely post, share and promote the blog post on social media platforms and double your social media following. After sharing we get certain no. of clicks from each platform.

Nowadays, Most of the company and marketer know the importance of the followers and doing several things to earn more social media followers. Usually, just for chasing the numbers of followers some marketer uses cheap third-party methods such as like-for-like, Fiverr gigs methods to get more followers, but it leads to decrease quality and weaker social media presence. Because of these followers will harm your social media platform at a certain point of time.

But when you choose the right methods to encourage then there are several           advantages that come with more and more followers. Most of the people having the misunderstanding that all the followers are equal and whomsoever new one will get into the list may also be the same. This is usually not the truth, the truth is that the follower who engaged with your brand or business is more valuable than normal followers.

Now the biggest question, How to double your social media following, don't worry. Here you this page you get the Top Tips and trick that help you to double your social media following without ever sacrificing the quality of your followers/audience. Have a look and we are 100% sure that you were able to increase your social media following.

Now, let’s dive in!

1.    Create High-quality and Unique Content

“Create Content People Actually Want to See”

In order to enhance the social media following, it is important that you are usually able to engage more and more people on your brand page. For this, it's important that shared high-quality content for the audience in a consistent manner. Try out to put the content which usually attractive and unique. It should also be shareable content.

Try in order to attach to the feelings of the audience because that can actually be a good start. Making use of content like this can actually be associated with the audience a lot more engaged along with your brand plus they will also like to talk about this with their particular friends and relatives, eventually increasing your followers. You will get differentiated through a bulk of crowded interpersonal media markets.

Tips and tricks you should follow before creating your social media profile.

·       An easy to remember the username

·       A recognizable brand logo

·       Keyword-rich descriptions with icons(that still sound natural)

·       A trackable backlink to your website

2. Get more engaged in the current post and discussions

There are several discussing going on at all factors of your time on almost just about all the social media platforms. Most of the people are directly linked to your niche. So you need to acquire those discussions with the help of some social media software. You can also utilize some special features that are offered by the social media platforms or by following your niche related key brand. There are thousands of threads that arrive up with multiple individuals who will be involved in the discussion associated with some central concept or the question. You need to develop your own thoughts related to the subject matter and try completing it with complete dedication. This will display up to your leadership qualities.

3. Consistently try to reach new people in your target audience.

Try reaching out in order to new people that have still not followed your brand name but are engaged in specific conversations of the brand name. For this, you can use a personal brand as one of the particular extensions of the business brands. This way your own approach will look a lot more reliable and friendly thus, engaging a good section associated with the audience. In this way, you can increase the following in a genuine way.

•   Which social media platform you’re active on

•   Your posting Timing/ routine

•   The type of blog/ article you publish

•   Your brand’s voice

•   The Bio or information in your information

Have a look at research data, best times you should follow for posting:

Facebook – (Monday to Fridays) between 1 pm and 3 pm

Twitter– (Monday to Fridays) between 12 pm and 6 pm

LinkedIn–(Monday to Fridays) between 5pm and 6pm

Instagram – (Monday to Fridays) between 1 pm and 3 pm

4. Try working along with other influencers

Influencers play a vital role to improve the social media following. There are several social media users who already have higher highly influencing. These people are extremely strong and effective connections on social media platforms. They have hugenumber of followers and who provides an enormous reputation as properly. Try dealing with them in whatever way you may. You can go for articles collaboration or possibly some mutual exchange of conversation plus also by some event meet up. If you are being associated with such influencers, you will be able in order to earn better followers on your social media platforms. Try connecting with because many influencers as possible and you will see the drastic increase in the volume of social media followers for your brand. But make sure these relationships go on regarding a longer time period so as to maintain your quality forever.

5. Create sure of rewarding your own followers

Most of the particular marketers will never focus on rewarding their followers. Don’t miss this since people like people who regard them. Try rewarding your own followers in whatever method you can. You will have got many options for performing it. Try responding to just about all the comments that you get on your brand within the social media profile. You can also attract some gifts for them.

You have to make the fans feel more appreciated; this particular way they will not just be with you but will engage more individuals to your brand plus thus will have the big contribution towards a good increase in the social media marketing following.

Build Relationships, Not only Followers

•   Always @mention that person in your own social media marketing posts.

•   Always answer the people questions

•   Always respond to that individual, when they will share or @mentioned your own post.

•   Build a powerful relationship by reply with an opinion to start a discussion, don’t just like the particular people post.

February 22, 2019
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