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China's New "Drug Production License" and Other Licenses Enabled

According to the Notice of the State Food and Drug Administration on the activation of the new version of the "Drug Production License" and other licenses, the new version of the "Pharmaceutical Production License" and other licenses will be activated from September 1. find the best 99% dimethyl carbonate

The Market for Potassium Sulphate is Gradually Weakening, and the Price is Slightly Falling.

Recently, the price of potassium sulfate began to show a downward trend. In the second and third quarters, the whole market of fertilizers was relatively sluggish. The market of potassium sulfate was driven by multiple favorable factors, and the market was good. However, as demand weakened, the price of potassium sulfate began to decline gradually. How does the potassium market go? more than 99% propylene glycol

The Price of More Than 400 Kinds of Chinese Imported Chemicals Such as Paint, Titanium Dioxide And Barium Sulfate Rose

Recently, the Customs Department of the State Council issued a notice of the State Council Customs Tariff Commission's Notice on Adding Tariffs to Certain Imported Commodities Originating in the United States (Third Batch). On August 15, 2019, the US government announced that it would About 300 billion US dollars of goods imported by China are subject to a 10% tariff, which will be implemented in two batches from September 1 and December 15, 2019. The US measures have led to the continuous escalation of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, which have greatly harmed the interests of China, the United States and other countries, and have also seriously threatened the multilateral trading system and the principle of free trade. There are...

Supply Reduction, Urea Fatigue Has not Retreated

Recently, the price of urea has continued to fall. Now the mainstream price of urea in Shandong is 1770-1780 yuan (ton price, the same below). The low-end transaction reference price is about 1740 yuan. The compound fertilizer company in Linyi area has the urea receiving price at 1790- 1800 yuan, the mainstream price of urea in Hebei Province is 1750-1830 yuan; the mainstream price of urea in Henan is 1770-1780 yuan; the mainstream price of urea in Shanxi is between 1690-1700 yuan, and the Xinjiang area is 50-week per week. The decline rate of 100 yuan has refreshed the current low of the domestic market. At present, the local urea mainstream factory price is between 1350 and 1500 yuan, and the high price is basically no transaction...

Summary of Market Conditions for Potassium Sulfate (August 27)

The market for potassium sulphate is stable and stable. In the autumn, the demand for compound fertilizer is mainly chlorine, and the amount of new potassium sulphate is reduced. The strength of the preferential stipulation is slightly relaxed. buy dimethyl carbonate from Evergreen The supply of raw materials for potassium chloride in the northeast region is not tight. The Mannheim installation in the region is also affected by the normalization of environmental protection security. The current mainstream price of 50% powder of Liaoji is 2800-2850 yuan/ton, granule/52%. Powder 2900-3000 yuan / ton, round particles 3150-3200 yuan / ton, the discount is a single discussion. The new single reduction of domestic sales of potassium sulphate...

Monoammonium phosphate: The export volume is greatly increased, Can domestic sales be boosted?

I. Status of export of monoammonium phosphate

Comparison of linear carbonates with cyclic carbonates

The linear carbonate has a large difference from the cyclic carbonate. In general, it has a lower boiling point, a lower viscosity, and a lower dielectric constant (relative dielectric constant EC 89.8 > PC 64.9 > DMC 3.12 > EMC 2.96 > DEC 2.82), which acts as a diluent or a low viscosity component in the electrolyte, which facilitates the swimming of lithium ions. Sourcing PC from Evergreen Chemical

What are the cyclic carbonates in the electrolyte?

Domestic industrial applications, the earlier is propylene carbonate, dimethyl carbonate and diethyl carbonate. Because of its high solubility, wide liquid range and good stability, propylene carbonate has been paid attention to and applied very early in electrochemical research. In the early lithium primary batteries, propylene carbonate was used in combination with ether solvents, such as PC. +DME, or PC+DME+DOL, or PC+DME+THF. In some electrochemical non-aqueous systems, PC is often used as a solvent. Industrially, propylene carbonate is also referred to as “carbon-propylene”, which is a relatively common solvent. Due to the advantages and easy availability of the PC, the electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries cannot be separated from...

Application of dimethyl carbonate

Dimethyl carbonate is poorly soluble in water, but can be miscible with almost all organic solvents such as alcohols, ethers, and ketones. DMC is very low in toxicity and was listed as a non-toxic product in Europe in 1992. It is an environmentally friendly chemical raw material that meets the requirements of modern "cleaning process". Dimethyl carbonate Manufacturer

What's Evergreen Chemical Propylene carbonate?

Propylene carbonate is a colorless to yellowish liquid with fruity odor. It can be used as solvent for foundry, polyester polyol, wire coating, polyurethane, pesticide formulation and coating applications.