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Solar Shading Systems: Design, Performance, and Integrated Photovoltaics

Solar radiation can be useful in providing natural light and heat for buildings, reducing the need for artificial lighting or heating. This can reduce energy use and so emissions. However, excessive solar radiation can result in overheating, which may need to be countered with energy-intensive cooling, or can cause glare, a form of visual discomfort experienced when lighting is excessively bright.

Contract Logistics – a Comprehensive Supply Chain System

International trade has seen major change in recent years; in the past, logistics involved simply moving goods from one place to another. Today, the market demands comprehensive services and specific logistics processes, making Contract Logistics the ideal solution for companies wishing to monitor and manage their operations.

Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Enhance Neuroscience Research and Instruction

Virtual reality provides exciting opportunities in neuroscience education. A major problem in traditional anatomy education is how to convey 3D structures and the complex pathways that run throughout the brain. In order to learn this information, instruction typically relies on 2D drawings and dissections of real post-mortem brains. 2D drawings are limited by their fixed view-point and orientation, which makes it difficult to capture key aspects of 3D structure and function. Cadaver dissections are a powerful tool but are extremely high cost, low accessibility, and low reusability. It is also difficult to demonstrate functionality in cadaver specimens.

Biochar – Sustainable Material for a Green Future

Biochar is a heterogeneous substance rich in aromatic carbon and minerals. It is produced by pyrolysis of sustainably obtained biomass under controlled conditions with clean technology and is used for any purpose that does not involve its rapid mineralisation to CO2 and may eventually become a soil amendment.

Charcoal BBQ: The Ultimate Guide

As warmer weather approaches, so does the thought of firing up the grill for a night of outdoor cooking, mouthwatering smells, tasty food, and the promise of good times to be had.

Emulsification in High‐Pressure Homogenizers

High‐pressure homogenizers are frequently employed for the homogenization of low‐viscosity emulsions containing a proportion of disperse phase which is not too high. High‐pressure homogenizers essentially consist of a high‐pressure pump and a homogenizing nozzle. The design of the homogenizing nozzle influences the flow of the emulsion in the nozzle itself and hence the results of droplet disruption. It is shown which mechanism in frequently used homogenizing nozzles is usually responsible for disruption. Experimental results reveal the effects of the dispersed phase content and the viscosity of the disperse and continuous phases in different nozzles. The results can be explained on the basis of the mechanisms of disruption. Finally...

A Complete Guide to Micro Irrigation Systems

Micro-irrigation system is a modern method of irrigation. In, this method which we deliver water slowly. Usually delivered in the form of discrete droplets, continuous drops, streams, etc. Micro-irrigation system is popular these days for its low cost and water-efficiency.

Chemicals from biotechnology: molecular plant genetics will challenge the chemical and the fermentation industry

Industrial biotechnology has evolved as a significant manufacturing tool for products like fuel-grade ethanol, organic acids and bulk amino acids, but most items are still speciality products for food and pharmaceutical applications. Current development projects within the chemical industry, including lactic acid and 1,3-propanediol based polymers and plastics, indicate that new biotechnological processes and products may soon approach the market place, clearly targeted at the leading petrochemical bulk outlets. This is flanked by a strategic shift by the major chemical companies in to "life sciences"-pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and the seed business as well as biotech fine chemicals. The recent tremendous achievements in molecular...

Biochar Fertilizer - Learn About Biochar As A Soil Amendment

Biochar is a unique environmental approach to fertilizing. Primary biochar benefits are its potential to combat climate change by removing harmful carbon from the atmosphere. Creation of biochar also produces gas and oil byproducts that provide clean, renewable fuel. So what is biochar? Read on to learn more.

The Role of Third party Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has played an significant role in global market and has attracted the attention of numerous academicians. As reported, a Supply Chain is a structured manufacturing process wherein raw materials are transformed into finished goods, then delivered to end customers. The role of logistics in supply chain management provides plenty of significant improvements in industrial development. Third party logistics assists to supply right product to right consumers' in right quantity. The objective of this study is role of third party logistics in supply chain management and to understand the relationship between supply chain management and Third party logistics. This is helpful for the effectively & efficiently execution...