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Writix.co.uk | What's a plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checker is a violation of academic honesty. It is the rule of intellectual creativity to consider the creative ideas, words and information that form the basis of one's own activities for all the members of the academic community. It is always recommended to use plagiarism detector to avoid plagiarism.

Writix.co.uk | What are the essentials of coursework writing?

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Writix.co.uk | What are the steps and the form of a personal statement?

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Writix.co.uk | How do I write the best college application essay?

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Writix.co.uk | Who Writes the Research Paper?

A person who is interested in researching and solving the problems, he has skills of analysis, he is good at technical knowledge and understands how a problem can be identified with the help of research.

Writix.co.uk | What are research papers?

Research is finding the solutions for a specific problem and a research paper is later published to address that problem and its solutions.

Writix.co.uk | How can I master essay writing? part II

Second. Improving essay structure and style.

Writix.co.uk | How can I master essay writing? part. I

Сoming up with meaningful thoughts on the subject matter!