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What is Affiliate Marketing and how it Works?

Affiliate marketing is promoting and selling other companies' products. You get a commission if someone buys through your affiliate link. You are not bound to promote only one company’s product and can promote as many companies product as you want. You get a reward if someone buys from your link.

What are Black Hat SEO Techniques and should you follow them?

You definitely have heard of Black hat SEO while learning about SEO basics. Black hat SEO is a set of practices that are used to increase the page rank in search engines by violating search engine terms of service. Performing Black hat SEO for your website can ban your site permanently form the search engines. These practices are publicly declared to be wrong on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Open Graph Tags: Everything you need to know

Open Graph Meta Tags helps in making your content more noticeable, clickable, and shareable on social media. They are snippets of code that decide how URLs are displayed when shared on social media. They are part of Facebook’s Open Graph protocol and are also used by other social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn. You can find them in the head section of the webpage and any tag with og: before a property name is Open Graph Tags. Best digital marketing company in Delhi also advice to insert relevant OG tags on your post for better traffic.

Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow your Business

Instagram is a big platform for sharing photos and has more than 800 million monthly users. There are large numbers of influencers on the platform with a massive amount of followers. You have to post the right content but it is hard to know which content suits best to your followers. Don't know how to Drive Traffic to Your Website? Let’s see marketing tips for Instagram to drive traffic and grow your business.