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How is eSports doing?


Covid-19 has brought the world of traditional sport to a standstill. From cancellation of major leagues across the world to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the virus has been relentless. Esports has not been immune to Covid-19’s reach. Cancellations of major tournament events have come thick and fast, as have closures of esports teams’ headquarters and community centres.

Как построить карьеру в спорте


В спортивной сфере конкуренция очень жесткая, и чтобы работать в ней, недостаточно просто любить спорт. Чтобы получить конкурентное преимущество, вам нужно выделиться и продемонстрировать свой потенциал.

Professional advice on how to build a career in sports business


Competition is fierce and it’s not enough to say you love sport and that’s why you want to work in it. To gain a competitive advantage over your peers you need to stand out and showcase your potential. And those talented, dedicated and hard-working sports executives who have grafted for years to get where they want to be will tell you exactly that.

Майкл Джордан выиграл судебный процесс в Верховном суде Китая

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Michael Jordan won a law case in China's Supreme Court


Supreme People’s Court—the highest court in China ruled in favor of Michael Jordan after a long trademark battle with Chinese company Qiaodan Sports.

Когда вернется спорт?

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When sport will come back?

The whole idea of sports as we have known it might not ever be the same following the coronavirus pandemic. Some experts say that if there are no sports for the rest of this year, "we lose ... the idea of sports as the same pillar of society that it has always been". The Wall Street Journal writes the "people with the power are the ones who packed the stands," so sports will "only be normal once the public decides it's socially and psychologically acceptable to be around thousands of strangers again". Warriors co-Owner Joe Lacob in an email said: "The overall biggest long-term problem for sports is the fear associated with public interaction. When does that go away? When will society decide that it is once again safe to interact in public? That is the big question for sports teams and leagues". In Boston, Tom Keegan writes expecting athletes to "lead the way back to normalcy this time is neither realistic nor fair to anyone either playing professional sports or watching them on TV." President Trump "expressed hope" during his conference call with league commissioners on Saturday, but it was "hope and nothing more".

Что почитать: советы от Дэниела Джи

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What to read: tips from Daniel Geey

Now many people have more free time, some of which we suggest you spend on reading books. Here is what the English sports lawyer, author of the book "Done Deal" Daniel Geey advises to read:

2020 год останется без Уимблдона

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