The Vostochny Cosmodrome: Launch of the Soyuz-2.1a Launch Vehicle

On 27 December 2018, the fourth launch in the history of Vostochny, the first Russian civil cosmodrome, was performed. The Soyuz-2.1a Launch Vehicle successfully lifted off at the designated time, and the separated Fregat Upper Stage injected two Russian Kanopus-V spacecraft and 26 small satellites owned by other countries into their target orbits.

Gold Mining in Africa, Russia and Kazakhstan — Nordgold

Humans and gold have been intrinsically linked for thousands of years. This dense, soft and noble metal is also used in an ever-increasing number of applications, from a method of wealth accumulation and a symbol of prosperity & power, to an important component of many electronic devices. More than 150 thousand tonnes of pure gold have been produced in the history of humankind. Production methods have continuously evolved from a straightforward search for gold nuggets and gold panning, to high-efficiency mines, pits, ore preparation plants and refineries.

International Date Line. Flight from Kamchatka to Alaska over the Pacific Ocean.

We are used to treat the time zones practically - they are important in traveling and long journeys. Forgetting about the time zone, you can be late for the flight and simply “lost in time”. We count time zones starting from the Greenwich – conventional zero line, “plus” to the east and “minus” to the west. But, since the Earth is round, there is a place where time zones face one another, where “today” meets “tomorrow”. This place is called “Date Line”, and it passes over the Pacific Ocean.

AN-124 Ruslan is the biggest serial-produced airplane in the world. Volga-Dnepr Airlines

Air carriage of cargo is similar to a simple shipping of heavy loads but instead of rumbling trucks spoiling the pavement, there are beautiful giants flying across the sky. Heavyweight aircrafts transport multi-ton drilling equipment, aggregates, machinery and equipment for thousands of kilometers. If there is no possibility or time to send the cargo by water or by ground transport, then cargo aircrafts come to help.

Moscow from above

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. It is the most populous city in Russia. According to the official statistics, there are more than 12 million people living here. Based on this indicator, it is included in the ten largest cities in the world. Moscow is the financial, transport, logistic, business, cultural and tourist center of the country. The major attractions including the Kremlin, Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre, Stalin’s skyscrapers and many other iconic objects are concentrated here.
Moscow is a city with monumental architecture: the real scope of the broad multi-lane streets, multi-level road interchanges and skyscrapers can be understood from a bird’s eye view.

An-225 Mriya is the world’s largest aircraft (English version)

An-225 Mriya (which is referred to Dream from Ukrainian) is the heaviest airlift cargo aircraft ever taken off in the sky. The maximum takeoff weight makes 640 tons. An-225 was designed, due to the necessity to create the air transport system for the Soviet reusable Space Shuttle Buran. This is the only aircraft in the world.

New York from above

New York is often called the "capital of the world": it is "the city for one and all"which has incorporated the features of different cultures that undoubtedly affected its appearance.The main feature of a modern New York is definitely skyscrapers. There are more than five hundred buildings higher than 100 meters in the city. In the number of skyscrapers New York is the second after Hong Kong. Many people have to lift their heads up to get acquainted with New York. But in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this city, it is necessary to look at it not from below but from above.