gloss tester is used to measure the surface glossiness of the objects
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Paint thickness meter detection methods

The paint thickness meter uses a magnetic bai sensor to measure the non-ferromagnetic coating and plating layer on the base of ferromagnetic metals such as steel and iron. It is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry, commodity inspection, etc. field. Paint thickness meter-principle method Magnetic thickness measurement It is suitable for measuring the thickness of the non-magnetic layer on the magnetic material. The magnetic material is generally: steel, silver and nickel. This method has high measurement accuracy. Eddy current thickness measurement It is suitable for measuring the thickness of non-conductive layer on conductive metal. This method has lower accuracy than magnetic thickness measurement...

UV dosimeter

Ultraviolet disinfection technology is used in various industries such as modern epidemic prevention, medicine, food disinfection, pure water treatment and photodynamics. This is the use of specially designed high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life UVC band ultraviolet rays to irradiate flowing water to directly kill various bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens in the water to achieve the purpose of disinfection. The UVC ultraviolet radiation meter LS126C is dedicated to the measurement of the radiation intensity of ultraviolet sterilization. UVC UV dosimeter In the process of ultraviolet radiation sterilization, it is necessary to ensure the intensity of ultraviolet radiation. If it is unstable, the effect...

What is UV aging test?

What is UV aging test? UV aging test: using fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as the light source (with UVA and UVB lamp sources), by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, the accelerated weather resistance test is performed on the material to obtain the weather resistance result of the material. UV aging tester does not simulate full-spectrum sunlight, but it simulates the destructive effects of sunlight. This is achieved by controlling the main radiation of the fluorescent tube in the ultraviolet band of the solar spectrum. This method is effective because short-wave ultraviolet rays are the most important factor causing outdoor material aging. UV light intensity meter can be used to test the...

UV energy meter principle

The Linshang UV energy meter uses an intelligent single-chip acquisition scheme. The measurement principle is to first convert the weak current signal of the ultraviolet detector into a digital signal through an ADC analog-to-digital conversion chip. Then, the single-chip computer collects the digital signal and adjusts it through software. To UV power, UV energy is obtained by integrating UV power with time. In this process, one needs analog-to-digital conversion to get the UV power, and the other needs integration to get the energy value. If high accuracy is required, the acquisition time must be fast enough, generally at least 1000 times per second, so that the integrated energy value is more accurate.

Light transmittance tester test aluminum plating film

Vacuum aluminum plating film is a green material that is widely used in the packaging industry. Due to the vacuum aluminum plating method, only one surface is covered on the cardboard surface.

Gloss tester test optical parts

The performance inspection of the surface of optical parts is very important. For example, the defects such as scratches and scribing on the surface of optical parts will cause the gloss of the product to decrease and affect its performance. As the surface characteristics of optical parts, gloss can present different bright spots on the surface of the material or overlap the surface image, which can be measured by glossiness. Can be tested with a gloss tester.

Plating thickness meter manufacturer in China

The LS220 plating thickness meter produced by Linshang, a plating thickness meter manufacturer, is professionally used to detect the thickness of second-hand car paint films. When detecting the thickness of the paint film of a used car, the instrument is turned on and the probe is pressed vertically on the surface of the car to obtain the thickness of the paint film. The test can be repeated at the same location, and the average value is the thickness of the paint film. If the detected car paint thickness is higher than 400μm, it can be determined that the car has been scratched or a serious car accident, and it is still repaired. This car should be purchased carefully. Because it is likely that there are problems with the internal parts of the car, this car is likely to have an accident during driving. Whether it is for the quality of the car or for our personal personal safety, when buying a second-hand car, it is recommended to use the coating thickness gauge of the coating thickness gauge manufacturer Lin Shang Technology to detect whether the vehicle has experienced a car accident.