December 22, 2019

Way to Conceptual Creative Business

... or Personal Funky Business.

I'm calling such way Q-business. And it's for special people:

Q-persons — it's guys who don't have interest to routine boring doing without sense: Qness guys wanna realize their Creative Vision and Personal Uniqueness, and monetize it!

1. What is «Q-» ?

In short:

Q is emotional response and emotional wave, which Creators feels when creating best ever of their things, like world-best books, best music and else art.

More about Q in this article.

And Qness is a quality of Q's that contents Ingenious Wittiness + Reckless Banter in one!

It's reference of product, that gives Qness feelings to me:

And it's Q-business advert, that is cool example too:

2. Shortly about Q-projects:

Q-projects is a Conceptual, Creative Entrepreneurship, or emotionally-fulfilled business activity (businesses where Owner could realize himself with his Art or Creativity).

Say it's like Richard Branson's approach, and else hilarious guys in Business world.

Q-projects actually is a Fun Business, which designing with it's Owner at special emotional wave.

Usually such Business Owners is non-conservative guys! It's who Q-persons is. That's why their business is Qness Business actually: Their business remains Themselves!

Such guys have special positive, artistic energy, what is charging their Business projects. This guys creates unusual businesses with unusual entrepreneurship ways, designing unusual-high Business products.

3. Okay, what next?

Next is simple idea:

You can reach your own Q-way for designing Q-business! You can find yours Personal approach & Conception for Entrepreneurship projects and Emotionally-charged Business!

It will be as-it-is automatically, if you will take Your Doing and became in-place.

Your activity, business, life — could became with Qness a lot, funny, funky, banter and unusual!


Everything that gives powerful emotionally feedback - is much easy to sell!

Steps to Qness.

Depending on your case, I can help you with Qness implementation to your life activity or business. But remember, that it would be YOUR Qness, YOUR favorite emotions, YOUR special uniqueness realization! Nobody will «add» to you something from a side really!

You will got your special program created just to your case. It could be recommendations to make Step of Crystallization program to reveal your special Qness Personal Qualities, or we can just add you funny brand to your business and everything would be Q! ;)


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by Gosha K. [email protected] / t.me/digitaldosyanich