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Things to be Cautious About When Translating a Legal Document

Translation of legal documents from one language to another language is known as legal translation. Translation of legal texts, unlike translation of other documents, requires certain succinctness - translations should be accurate and exact. This is because even a slight misplacement of a single word can lead to legally disastrous consequences. This is where the services of an online legal translation company come in handy. Here’s how:

How to choose the right Chinese transcription services?

Transcription is a kind of business service that converts audio/video files into a written document. This is not only offered for business, legal and medical purposes alone but also for personal understanding of different languages to the people. The service is provided by a person called transcriptionist, who is specialized in transcription. He listens to a recording and transcribes every spoken word using a word processing program. On the other hand, the same audio and video files can be converted into written document using an automatic transcription tool. It is quite inexpensive and readily available online. However, the assurance of quality is not guaranteed with an automatic transcription tool compared to manual transcription.

Verbal Translation Services: Your Best Bet for Easy Interpretation

Verbal translation, also called as Interpretation, is the real-time translation of spoken words from one language into another. How is that any different from translation? The word translation is usually reserved for words that are written (or will be written in the process of translation). As such the skill set, schooling, aptitude, and demands for translation and verbal translation will be different. Also, professionals tend to focus on cultivating their expertise on one or the other. The person who performs verbal translations is referred to as Interpreter (or Verbal translator). Interpreters act as a node of communication between two or more personnel.