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Neobank Revolut adds Stellar: why it's important

If you follow only crypto, then perhaps you’ve never heard of Revolut. And yet, it’s the most popular neobanking (or digital banking) app in the world. XLM becomes the 6th crypto coin offered in the app. Here’s what you need to know about Revolut — and our take on if you should use it.

Samsung Galaxy phones can now store your Stellar key: should you use this feature?

The biggest Stellar-related news of the week is that Samsung Blockchain Keystore now supports Stellar. Is it a good idea to store your wallet key on the phone?

Stellar HODLing in your XLMwallet vs crypto lending: what to choose?

Crypto staking is very popular, and some think that it’s a much better alternative to IEO, cloud mining and other investments. Platforms offer up to 20% per year for staking. Is this safe? Should you buy staking coins — or continue holding XLM in your wallet? Read our analysis!

Stellar Foundation signs a partnership with Elliptic: what does this mean for you and for compliance?

We always bring you the latest news about Stellar partnerships, and today’s story is perhaps the most exciting in the past months. Stellar has partnered up with Elliptic — one of the world’s leading crypto security providers. Read on for details!

Stellar or Ripple: which coin should you invest in?

Stellar and Ripple: two cryptocurrencies that can seem very similar. Ripple has a larger market cap, but Stellar has a lot of advantages of its own. Why should you choose XLM over XRP? Here are a few reasons!

XLM can reach $0.10 soon – here's why

Stellar is firmly occupying the 13th spot on the list of the cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap. Last week, we witnessed yet another proof of lumens’ potential: as all the coins dropped on June 02, it was XLM to recover faster than others.

How long with the Stellar consolidation last? A forecast from the XLMwallet

It’s been three weeks since the Bitcoin halving, but the rally so many were waiting for didn’t happen, at least for now. Stellar is consolidating and seems to be going up. When can you expect significant gains? As always XLMwallet analytics offer a forecast.

Stellar price outlook, June-October 2020

Every week, we bring you fresh news and forecasts for Stellar lumens. And our forecasts have been correct so far: the price is growing. If you are hodling XLM in your XLMwallet, you’re being wise, because the fundamentals are all in Stellar’s favor!

Stellar’s potential is all about the fundamentals

Whatever happens in the crypto market in these coming weeks, our advice remains the same: hold on to your lumens. Stellar’s fundamentals are very strong, and with several new partnerships in the pipeline we expect a surge later this year.

Stellar has rallied: what should you do with the lumens in your XLMwallet?

We kept telling you in our previous posts that Stellar was in for large gains. If you followed our advice and stocked up on some lumens, you’re probably very pleased now, because XLM gained 190% in just one month. The question is, what should you do now, less than 2 weeks before the Bitcoin halving?