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1)My English has changed for the better. I used to understand almost nothing in English. Now I understand almost every word and can translate many words.

Future career

All our lives we constantly have to choose something. Starting from the usual daily issues and ending with global problems. The most important choice that every person makes in his life is the choice of his future profession.


Hi Kasym !


The lesson was interesting as usual. I learned a lot of new and interesting things for myself. I'm glad there was an English lesson in today's schedule. The time was not wasted.


1.Today in an English lesson we went through how to learn English in 1 month.


Probably, in every team there is a person who knows how, like no other, to take responsibility, captivate his colleagues and organize them for a good cause, to lead. That is what a leader should be. Many want to become leaders. But it so happened that there are leaders and followers, and the former cannot exist without the latter. A certain symbiosis is created, the harmony of life is established, as good and evil, black and white, joy and sadness coexist.


Two lessons were, as always, good and interesting. We were preparing for IELTS. I learned a lot about IELTS. In the lesson we talked in pairs. I really liked the lesson.


Today's lesson went well as always. In the lesson, we played an interesting, at the same time, incomprehensible game for me. Although I did not understand how to play this game correctly, the lesson passed quickly and imperceptibly for me. I liked everything in the lesson.


At the lesson it was very interesting and cognitive. We criticted each other in WhatsApp. I still want to note that I liked that we worked clean on phones. The lesson went good I liked it.


There are not many things that are eternal in the world. After all, gold, precious jewelry, exquisite clothes, expensive cars and houses - all these values ​​are false, temporary. Over time, they depreciate, break down, deteriorate, cease to be fashionable. But among the eternal, true values, three things can be called. This is faith, love and friendship. “A true friend is the greatest treasure,” “a true friend is in trouble” - how often we hear these proverbs, but how rarely we think about their true meaning.