July 30, 2020

Analysis and evaluation of cottages

For the analysis, a self-assessment was made, as well as 8 real estate appraisers were involved

Location of the assessment object on the map

Photo illustrations of a two-Story cottage worth 17.000.000 rubles

The description of the objects - analogues

The values of adjustments applied in this work to the cost of a unit of area for selected comparison items were calculated for the following items:

1. Bargaining. This adjustment is necessary due to the use of offer prices in calculations. It was determined based on the experience of the appraiser, consultations with leading real estate firms and is, in fact, a conscious surcharge of the intermediary to the initial cost of the object declared by the owner. At the same time, the higher the margin, the greater the object's liquidity. The amount of adjustment was determined based on the Appraiser's analysis of the market of residential buildings similar to the object being evaluated, as well as from a survey of employees of real estate firms [28] and is generally up to 2-3 %.

2. Physical condition (wear and tear). The adjustment was not applied all the items under consideration are new. 3. Distance from the sea – taken from the analysis of the market of objects in the amount of 20%

3. Distance from the sea – taken from the analysis of the market of objects in the amount of 20%

4. Correction for repairs. Taken in the amount of 15,000 rubles per sq. m. from the data of construction companies that carry out repairs on the territory of the Crimea.

5. Adjustment for differences in land area.

Photo illustrations of a single-Storey cottage worth 15.000.000 rubles

Comparative analysis

Our price offer was formed by analyzing data:
- Analysis of competitor settlements
- Infrastructure of the village
- City infrastructure
- Amount of land owned
- Availability of repairs
- Landscape design of the site
- Landscape design of the village

Based on the data provided above, we are competitive and look more attractive in terms of infrastructure and design. There are no analogues of such settlements in the Crimea! This price is more than fair.

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All section:

1. Location of the object

2. The draft plan

3. Houses that we will build

4. Infrastructure and design of the village

5. Marketing analysis

6. Analysis and evaluation of cottages

7. Financial model

8. Offer to the investor