July 30, 2020

Infrastructure and design of the village

1. Landscape design

Outdoor engineering

Modern garden construction is impossible without engineering solutions. Even in ancient times, when creating gardens and parks, great attention was paid to engineering communications, such as garden drains and irrigation systems.

The relief organization

Understanding the terrain is priceless. This is the key to many doors! Terrain can be a source of inspiration for creating unique landscapes, a way to save money in construction, and an assistant in organizing competent engineering services for the territory. The list can go on and find many advantages that a competent approach to the study and use of the features of the existing terrain gives.

Paving paths

In modern landscape design, you can use paving to define invisible boundaries and harmoniously organize the road and path network in the garden.

It is necessary that the paving of garden paths is correctly combined with the General style of the house and garden.

Gazebos and barbecue areas

Features of a gazebo with a barbecue. A gazebo with a barbecue or grill should be large, so that it has space not only for a barbecue, but also for a table with weasels or chairs.

This room combines a living room and a kitchen, as there is a clear division into a cooking area and a recreation area.

Reservoirs and pools

In rural areas, reservoirs have become very popular, so the pool is now no surprise.

But before you mount a pool on the site, you should think about its location and design in advance, so that this object looks organic.

Only a high-quality pool will perform on the site in addition to a relaxing function and decorative.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting. Landscape lighting is ideal for creating accents. You can illuminate a flower bed, pond, or ornamental shrub, or cover a garden sculpture, bench, or Alpine slide with light.

The problem is partially solved thanks to architectural lighting. But to get a really spectacular view, the territory is placed lamps-columns and point (dig and decorative) light sources.

2. The infrastructure of the village

Shopping complex (will be our property)

There will be 4 full-fledged shopping complexes on a plot of 60 hectares.

The shopping center will have: Grocery stores, clothing stores, cafes, beauty salons, children's centers, medical institutions, sports clubs, entertainment centers, and many other business representatives who want to conduct their activities

Sports complex (will be our property)

There will be a full-fledged field for mini-football. A basketball court and a tennis court.

Private kindergarten

All residents can safely give their children to a private kindergarten and do their own business. Professional teachers will help in the versatile development of children.

Since the garden will be located right in the cottage village, you will not need to go to the city to give the child. This will save the family time.

The cottage village will be under round-the-clock security

Our security service will take over the security of the village. There will be cameras along the perimeter, a checkpoint at the entrance of the checkpoint with guards on duty 24 hours.


Believers will be able to attend Church directly in the cottage village.

Management company

This is a management organization, housing Association, direct management of owners.

The management organization in the cottage village will maintain and repair the common property, not responsible for utilities.

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