July 30, 2020

Marketing analysis

From wordstat Analytics, we see that on average 55,000 requests per month "buy a house in Crimea"

76.906 impressions for 1 month on the request " Buy a house in Crimea"

Of these, 8.822 impressions are for people who want to buy a house in Yevpatoria

We see from Google Analytics that there is an interest in houses in Crimea

It was posted on Avito free ad of our house, which is ready to sell. On the first day of publication, we see 51 views. 1 call was received with a desire to view the house.

Channels for attracting customers that can be used:
1. Outdoor advertising
2. integrator sites for the sale of nondescript: domofond.ru, cian.ru, realty.yandex.ru, mirkvartir.ru, rosrealt.ru etc.
3. Contextual advertising in KMC, Yan (targeted ads + search results)
4. News traffic
5. Advertising platforms at airports in Simferopol, Siberia, and the Far East
6. Participation in exhibitions

But! Even these indicators are not important, since we will have ready-made applications through the BigData system. The cost is only 1,500 rubles for 1 target lead.

For all questions, call + 79602378834 Dmitry Andreevich or write WhatsApp

All section:

1. Location of the object

2. The draft plan

3. Houses that we will build

4. Infrastructure and design of the village

5. Marketing analysis

6. Analysis and evaluation of cottages

7. Financial model

8. Offer to the investor