July 30, 2020

Location of the object

The territory of the entire village is allocated in red for construction of 60 HECTARES

As part of this project, it is planned to build a cottage settlement on a land plot of 60 Hectares at the address: Russian Federation, Republic of Crimea, Yevpatoria, Saki district.

The greens are allocated 8 hectares, which will be built up first. There are 63 cottages and 2 commercial buildings

Land plots are owned. Water on the plot, light next to the plot, gas in development in the vicinity.

The project plans to build and sell 600 cottages, with plots of 8 to 9 acres, as well as the construction of social and cultural infrastructure (Schools, kindergartens, sports complexes, churches and shopping complexes).

Infrastructure (utilities and General village structures) will be transferred to the balance of the Management company after the construction of all households.

The shopping complexes will contain: shops, children's centers, medical institutions, sports clubs, beauty salons, entertainment venues, etc. restaurants.

From the center of Evpatoria to the Village 15 minutes by car

It is worth noting the undoubted advantage of the location of land plots-transport accessibility and proximity to the borders of Evpatoria, environmentally friendly area, proximity to the sea.

The infrastructure of the cottage settlement includes: a checkpoint, a round-the-clock security service, an operational service that monitors the serviceability of engineering structures and communications. The territory of the village will be fenced.

From the village to the sea 2 kilometers. 20 minutes on foot

Our village will be adjacent to the village of Cozy, and the distance to Evpatoria is 3.5 km.

Our village will be adjacent to the village of Cozy, and the distance to Evpatoria is 3.5 km.A cottage settlement may be adjacent to a nearby settlement and take its name. Types of houses in cottage settlements: one -, two-and three-story aerated concrete houses, townhouses, villas.

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