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B2B Lead Generation Strategies - Part 6

Ramp up your video marketing
The video presents a promising opportunity to reach your target audience. More than 75% of Fortune 500 executives regularly watch video content, and about two-thirds of that number visit the vendor's website, according to a Forbes study entitled Video In The C-Suite. So it is safe to say that video is a very effective way to attract bullets.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies - Part 5

Expand your online presence
Your brand personality is not limited to your website and social channels. Subscribe and submit to other sites to increase your credibilities, such as guest blogs, interviews, or Q&A on Quora.com or other industry-specific Q&A sites. This is a great way to build authority for your brand and put your name ahead of those seeking appropriate solutions to their problems.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies - Part 4

Record the actions of your visitors to the website
A great way to diagnose why your site visitors are not converting is by analyzing their actions on your website. Tools like Hotjar or Mouseflow can let you record user sessions and map heat maps to the most clicked buttons on your site.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies - Part 3

Personalize Social Media Interactions and Build Communities

B2B Lead Generation Strategies - Part 2

Personalize more touchpoints
Suitable marketing for everyone is dead. Users now want that human touch that allows them to cultivate deeper connections and more meaningful relationships with brands. In a SalesForce survey of 7,000 customers, 57% of respondents said they were willing to share their data in exchange for personalized offers, 53% for personalized product recommendations, and 52% for personalized shopping experiences.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies - Part 1

Build Content Strategically