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The Origin of the United States Dollar Currency Symbol

Almost everyone knows that the United States (US) dollar currency is the strongest in the world. But not everyone knows about the origin of this currency symbol.

Biodata and Wealth Profile of Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood Actor Who Enjoys Holidays in Bali with Tobey Maguire

Recently, many Indonesian film fans have been looking for after the actor enjoyed his holiday in Bali.


Of course, many of us don't know about Cambodian food, even though this country's food is no less delicious than Indonesian food. Even the typical food of this country is also suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people, but not all food from this country is halal for consumption. However, if you try food from Cambodia, you will not be disappointed, considering the combination of food from this country is a mixture of Thai and Vietnamese food. So if you visit this country don't forget to taste its culinary. If you have trouble finding it in Indonesia, you can also make your own considering that the ingredients used can also be found in Indonesia.

7 largest potato-producing countries in the world, who are you curious about?


One Piece: These are Luffy's 5 prospective wives who will become pirate kings

Who doesn't know Luffy? He is the main character in One Piece. Throughout his adventure, Luffy's love story has not been shown. Luffy himself has never shown his interest in other women.

Besides the World Government, Here are the 10 Strongest Organizations in One Piece!

Since the beginning of the story, we are introduced to some groups that look dangerous. One of them is like the World Government which keeps a big secret that can shake the world. In addition to the group led by Im-sama, there are 10 other strongest organizations in One Piece that are also dangerous. Here's the list!

These are the 5 Strangest Tribes That Have Great Powers in the One Piece Series

This time we will discuss about the One Piece Series, in the One Piece world there are many different tribes and races. In the world of one piece, one tribe or race does not combine with other tribes in one island, they have their own island.

10 Strongest Mink Tribe Members in One Piece

The Mink tribe is one of the races that appears in the One Piece story. They are known as very strong fighters and live in the kingdom of Mokomo Dukedom which is located on the back of a giant elephant named Zunisha.

4 Similarities of King and Wyper in One Piece! Is There a Connection?

Do you still remember Wyper in One Piece? He is a character from the Skypiea plot. He is the strongest fighter of the Shandia tribe in the plot, able to survive despite using the Reject Dial three times, even though the Dial should be able to kill its user.

One Piece: 5 Facts You Should Know About The Void Century

Until now, the Void Century is still the biggest unsolved mystery in the One Piece series. The Void Century itself is an event that takes place 900 to 800 years before the series begins. Mysteriously, the events that lasted for 100 years disappeared from historical records.